You can make your shop better visible using the product called "Shop certification". This product will display your shop on the introductory page of the application.
Another option, how to make your shop or product more visible, is to use the so-called targeted advertisement. This, in form of a graphic banner advertisement, will make your logo or product better visible.

If you still do not have the mobile version of your e-shop, we recommend using the services of the ShopsInTouch application. It will surely pay to change over to ShopsInTouch even if you already have your e-shop adjusted for mobile devices.
You acquire many benefits and your customers will have maximum comfort when shopping in your e-shop, because the ShopsInTouch application is fully optimized for their mobile devices.

Displaying of your shop and products is very easy and intuitive. You just have to fill in the registration form with all necessary data. After examination your e-shop will be placed in the ShopsInTouch application.
Before you start to fill in the registration form, check whether your e-shop generates one of the supported XML formats for downloading products in the ShopsInTouch application.

Strictly speaking, ShopsInTouch application has currently no direct competitors in the Czech market.
ShopsInTouch application predominates mainly in the ability to bring the customers to your e-shop, which are positively tuned for and really wants to buy your product.

You will obtain a user-friendly mobile variant of your e-shop, which is optimized for modern devices with touch display.
You will acquire the option to inform easily your customers on the news in your e-shop. You can address new customers by means of banner advertisements.

In this moment the ShopsInTouch application fully supports the iOS platform, i.e. iPhone and iPad devices. Resolution of the application is adjusted for the latest model lines.
ShopsInTouch also supports mobile phones with operation system Android v.2.3.x and higher.

Number of the news is not limited, but we recommend sending not more than 15 pieces of news. The news may also include up-to-date news in form of text or pictures.

Every user using the ShopsInTouch application on his/her device may order the selected goods by entering the web site of the seller by means of the prolink of each product.

For simple differentiation of your shop there is the primary colour box of the shop, which is used for colouring the bar of the shop according to the colour set. Select the primary colour based on the prevailing colour in your current e-shop.

You may utilize the following formats: Heureka.cz, Heureka.sk, Zbozi.cz, or NajVyber.sk.
Further, you may use the modules for your e-shop solution which fully cooperates with the ShopsInTouch application. There are the following modules: PrestaShop, Magento, and Lemon Stand.

However, you have to have some of the statistic tools available in your e-shop (e.g. Google Analytics), because it is necessary for the automatic control of where the user has come from. The ShopsInTouch service also includes regular sending of the reports specifying how the users move in your e-shop and what are they looking for. Details of these reports are based on the selected package of products.

In this moment, the direct sale within the ShopsInTouch application itself is not supported. The main goal of the ShopsInTouch system is to present your products and to bring to your e-shop not only the current, but also new customers, who own some of the supported mobile devices.
The ShopsInTouch application allows quick and well arranged browsing, searching, and monitoring of your products in your e-shop by means of intuitive control which every customer will appreciate.
The direct sale of your products within the ShopsInTouch application is being prepared for the future versions of the application within our future development.