The procedure for displaying a shop

How to display a shop in ShopsInTouch application?

There are only 4 steps that you need to make to have your new mobile e-shop:

1. Selection of an optimum variant

Selection of the respective variant is primarily based on the quantity of the products you want to offer to your customers in the ShopsInTouch application and the additional services which you may utilize. The ShopsInTouch service is provides for the period of half-year or one year. If, in the future, you decide to offer to your customers larger quantity of products, you may change to a higher variant as desired.
As soon as you have selected the variant, fill in the form carefully and send your order. Prepare the XML file from which the ShopsInTouch application will automatically download the offer of your products.

What definitions of the XML file may be used?
We support the following generators of XML files:

  • /
  • and so on

If possible, we recommend using the XML module directly for your e-shop solution:

If none of the previous solutions is satisfying for you, you may utilize the public XML of the ShopsInTouch application, which you can implement in your shop. You can find the detailed specification of the ShopsInTouch interface here.

If you are unfit to cope with setting of the XML files, do not hesitate to contact us. We are always ready to help you to complete the setting. The new XML format, containing at least basic information about the products, we are able to add to ShopsInTouch application within a few hours.

2. Verification of information and payment

As soon as you send the order, we will check all the information entered by you including the XML file with your products.
If everything is all right, we will display your e-shop in the ShopsInTouch application within 48 hours from receipt of your payment.

3. Downloading of your products

In this step we will download your products for their downloading in the ShopsInTouch application. The fully automatic mode ensures that all your products will be displayed with up-to-date information.
The synchronisation process is carried out continually, which means that your products may be downloaded even several times a day. For this reason we recommend to maintain the XML file with products up-to-date.

Attention: For the transparency and user-friendly reasons the setting of your e-shop may be limited based on the following rules:

  • The categories which do not include any products are not displayed in the mobile application.
  • In case the synchronisation process fails 5 times consecutively, because it is not possible to find the XML file, the display of the shop will be temporarily suspended until the problem is solved. The administrator of the shop will be informed on this situation by e-mail.
  • If the XML file includes no products, the display will be temporarily suspended until the problem is solved. The shop administrator will be informed on this problem by e-mail.

4. Displayning on mobile devices

Your shop is now displayed in the mobile ShopsInTouch application. The users of tablets and smartphones may start to purchase in your e-shop.

Where the ShopsInTouch users may find your e-shop?

  • When searching a shop according to the branch, name or description of the shop
  • When searching a product according to the name or identification
  • Within comparison of the products within all e-shops
  • Among recommended shops
  • On banner ads, if such product has been purchased

Do you want to save time? Fill in a simple form quick registration and we can complete the whole registration process instead of you! We will contact you if we have any questions and before the final acceptance. It really can not be easier.